Dr. Bishara Wilson is an absolute pleasure to receive treatments under. He’s very attentive and will answer any and all of your questions or concerns. Looking forward to more visits and treatments. Highly recommended.

Safiya K.

You haven't been taken care of until you've worked with Dr. Wilson. Working with Dr. Wilson is not just an opportunity to be healed - it's an opportunity to be taken care of and have the experience that you're important. It's difficult to find that type of Customer Service because there's a difference between having a great experience and feeling like you're important to someone. That's what you'll get with Dr. Wilson!

Tony V.

Always a positive experience ! Bishara really takes his time to understand your specific needs & provide the necessary service for holistic results !

G. Mann

Dr. Wilson is absolutely fantastic at what he does. He is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. His compassion and commitment to his patients cannot be surpassed. In a short period of time, he has helped me to feel a lot better and I'm sure the improvement will continue. I could not be more satisfied with the treatment he has provided. I would strongly recommend him to my family and friends.

Mark C.