Man’s Resurrection Tea

Man’s Resurrection Tea

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  • Reactivates Male Sexual Function
  • Strengthens Your Erection
  • Relaxes Your Mind
  • Supports the Back and Knees
  • Regulates Your Digestion
  • Supercharges Your Energy



• Dang shen
• Bai zhu
• Shan yao
• Fu ling
• Rou cong rong
• Du Zhong
• She chuang zi
• Yuan zhi
• Niu xi
• Fang feng
• Shu di huang
• Wu wei zi


Directions: In a large pot bring the entire bag of herbs with 5 quarts of water to a boil. When at a rolling boil, turn flame down to low and let simmer for an hour and a half. Turn off the flame and let the pot sit covered overnight. Strain herbs into a clean container. Drink one cup twice a day, warm. Keep herbs and tea refrigerated until use. *If the taste is too strong, you can dilute 1/2 a cup of tea with 1/2 cup of orange juice or apple juice